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You have taken a prep class. You have read Rita's book. You have taken hundreds of exam questions. And yet, you still don't feel prepared. You are looking for the confidence to pass the PMP® Exam but are unsure of where to turn?


Am I right?


We understand where you are at. We know the exam is difficult and we put together a program that might just help. Join us for our weekly 2.5-hour, small-class online coaching session where we will talk all things PMP® Exam related. These sessions will give you that extra confidence you need to not only take but pass the PMP® Exam!


This is not a typical PMP® course but will focus on the exam questions.  In each session. we will review actual PMP questions and discuss each answer in detail. You will learn simple tips & tricks of what to look for in the questions and the answers that will dramatically improve your chances of success. 


Most importantly, you will learn to understand why you got a question wrong and learn not to make that same mistake on the actual exam. 


Each session will run for about 2.5 hours. Join us for 3 month window of time for $350 Join at any time. Additional sessions will be added as required. It is never too late to get that extra boost of confidence. 


Thursday nights from 7:00-9:30 PM.  Additional sessions will be added as needed.


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2021 PMP Exam Coaching Sessions - 3 Months