And the answer is...



A key stakeholder is constantly submitting requests to add features to your project. The scope is defined. What should you do next?

  • Meet manager & ask it to stop

  • Review the scope management plan

  • Set boundaries w/the sponsor

  • Start change control process


The answer to this LinkedIn poll question is:


Review the scope management plan


Remember that the scope management plan is the key document the project manager will use to define, control and validate the scope on the project. It will provide the project manager with direction on how he or she is supposed to respond to the considerable number of change requests coming from a given sponsor. 

What do you need?

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What about the other answers?

Let's look at why some of other answers are not correct. 

  • Meet manager & ask it to stop. One may assume that these requests are silly or annoying. However, nowhere in the question is any judgment offered. If fact the additional features being requested may be much-needed enhancements that will ensure a better product. In the end, the value of these feature requests is irrelevant. Hint: Do not assume judgement or value in the questions or answers where none is clearly stated. This is not the correct answer. 

  • Set boundaries w/the sponsor.  Again, in selecting this answer, it appears that you are judging the feature requests as frustrating. Meeting with the sponsor will signal your frustration but what will it actually solve as you are not moving the project forward in any way. And, at this time in the project, the project boundaries would have already been set in the project charter. This is not the correct answer.

  • Start change control process. A good project will already have a change control process established and you should be able to view the scope change process guessed it...the scope management plan.